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Cleaners & Tailoring

We Start with a New Organic cleaning Systems.

Organic Clean

We put in a new type of organic cleaning machine that uses non-toxic Systems. This non-toxic Systems are actually We take over responsibility – For the protection of human health and our environment.

Spear's Cleaners & Tailoring is here for making you have clean clothes, perfect fit.



Clean clothes, perfect fit – you can have it all.

To look your best, your clothing should fit perfectly. With our custom tailoring services, your wardrobe will look as if it was made just for you.

Fur Clean

It is vitally important to both clean and condition your furs

We inspect and remove all stains from both the skins and linings of your garments. Then implement our pioneered, innovative fur cleaning processes followed by our specialized glazing technique to return essential oils and luster to your valued furs.

Leather & Suede Clean

Clean both suede and leather and make them good as new.

Because the dyes used in certain leather and suede garments can be unstable, extremely specialized cleaning care is required. Spear's Cleaners & Tailoring's innovative and pioneered processes for cleaning leather and suede will ensure the very best results.

Household Items

We clean your tricky household items with the love and care necessary so that they look their best.

-Dry cleaning for your down comforters, pillows and even the most delicate draperies.


-Mold, Smoke and Water Damage Dry Cleaning for items that have been damaged due to a fire, flood, or a burst pipe in the home.


-Flat Work for your bed and table linens. All washable flat work is laundered, pressed and packaged or placed on hangers to your specifications.

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