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Spear's Cleaners & Tailoring proudly contributes to the communities we serve


Spear's Cleaners and Tailoring is..

the wet cleaning pioneer store in Michigan. The owner of Spear's and Cleaners and Tailoring has been directly involved in developing wet cleaning wet cleaning machines and techniques.

What is Wet Cleaning?

Wet cleaning uses fresh water and a specially formulated detergent in a computer controlled process that regulates temperature, PH levels, moisture content and agitation to clean all types of garments, resulting in superbly clean and safe quality cleaning services.

What you may not know about Dry Cleaning

The vast majority of dry cleaners use petroleum-based solvents, either "Perchloroethylene" known as "Perc" or "Hydro Carbon" that leave harmful chemicals in your garments. "Per" is a volatile organic compound(VOC) that poses a health risk to humans. Although "Hydro Carbon" is less risky than "Perc", it is also a petroleum based solvent that carries all the environmental and quality concerns of petroleum.

Our Way


Fresh Water

Discharged to the

sewer each cycle

3 rinses



Brighter & Whiter Colors


Dry Cleaning



Closed-loop System

Filtration & Distillation

Normally None

"Perc" can cause : 

skin & respiratory irritation

liver & kidney damage

damage the nervous system

probably human carcinogen

Air, Water, &

Ground Pollution

Dingy from chemical

residue & carbon filter

Unpleasant chemical smell

Cleaning Fluid

Maintaining Solvent


Rinse Cycle

Health Issues

Environmental Issues



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